MIRP is:

A yearly meeting and a supportive network of independents who work within the field of creative audio storytelling.

An ongoing dialogue about the art and craft of audio storytelling.

An open international group working peer to peer. Together we decide what issues to address and how we organise ourselves.

An open mind about new forms of radio, podcast, audio performance, audio guides… all kinds of use of creative audio storytelling.

…still taking shape – and if you join, you will be part of this process.

The next Meeting of Independent Radio Producers 2017 will take place in Denmark from 20th to 24th September.

The first MIRP-meeting took place in Italy in 2015 in connection with The Internazionale festival. In 2016 we met in Amsterdam in collaboration with Oorzaken Festival.

We meet alone in the group for a few intensive days of workshops and discussions (and dancing, swimming, eating, drinking etc…) and then interlace with the festival.

The 2017 MIRP meeting takes place in the little village of Vallekilde from September 20-22nd and continues as part of Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival that takes place 22-24 September in Copenhagen. The Copenhagen Radio Cinema Festival is a new festival organized by the collective behind the successful monthly radio cinema listening events in Copenhagen. 2016´s fantastic festival program can be viewed here.