We are able to accommodate 70 producers at MIRP 2023. And we have 7 places available for attendees who need help covering the fee – let us know in your application whether you are applying for a free place, or whether you’ll be able to cover your own fee. 

To select our topics and listening events for MIRP, we would like you to write to us about what is on your mind as a producer of creative audio, and to send us a fragment of audio you would like us to listen to

Our board will select participants from the applications, based on a few factors:

  • We’ll try to cover a breadth of suggested topics and focus areas, based on what people ask to discuss at MIRP in their application forms
  • We’ll try to have a mixture of newer audio makers and people with more experience (we strongly believe both new and experienced creators will bring huge value to the meeting, and be able to learn from each other)
  • We’ll try to ensure people from different parts of the world are able to attend, so that we have representation from many different countries

We are keeping places available for newcomers and people who can not afford the full price. Reach out to us on the form if you would like to talk about this.