17:00Tweebronnen- Ballroom

ARRIVAL Collect your badges and information. Have a drink and settle in.
“Is this frequency in use please?” Reach out and find a friendly voice. Location: secret 
18:30Tweebronnen- BallroomOPENING OF MIRP 2023 Meet the creative board of MIRP, our partners Het Nieuwstedelijk and Klankverbond. What will MIRP 2023 bring us?
19:00Kitchen – BallroomDINNER
20:00Tweebronnen –  Studio Henry
Moderated by Katharina or Pauline 
Amplifying Our Connections
Esther Schelander & Judith Geffert are audio producers from Germany. During their long walks and talks through the woods of Berlin, they often discuss questions of connection and solidarity in competitive working environments. 
21:00Tweebronnen- Studio HenryCQ/ICQ
A live performance on how to connect in divisive times. Created on site for MIRP 2023 in Leuven. A collaboration between indie audio producer John Beauchamp, percussionist and performer Elliot Harrison, audio theatre maker Sara Vertongen, and a ham radio.


9:00OPEK – Kleine Zaal

Moderated by Pauline
Listen Better/Make Better.
In this interactive workshop Dennis Funk retunes our ears and sharpens our senses to listen more closely to the world around us. Through games(!), exercises and activities you’ll find ways to make more visceral and authentic sounding nonfiction audio. Assisted by Georgia Walker. 

OPEK – Kleine Zaal
Moderated/introduced by Wederik

OPEK – Dak
Moderated/introduced by Jade

OPEK – Rotonde
Moderated/introduced by Arlie or Katharina

BREAKOUT 1: Audio & Incarceration

Making radio about life in prison or with incarcerated people is a fascinating but challenging niche within audio storytelling and radio documentary. Hadewijch Vanhaverbeke, Ninna Gaensler-Debs and Karim Aït-Gacem come from different parts of the world and want to share and question their specific experiences. The session is informally hosted by Katrin Lohmann, who has a lot of expertise creating audio stories with people in confinement.

BREAKOUT 2: Interviewing children: nightmare or delight? Former children’s news journalist and child psychotherapist Goedele Vermaelen shares her insights and experiences about the best ways to interview kids. 

BREAKOUT 3: How do you build a team? 
Yannic Hannebohnf runs his own small podcast label in Berlin, and shares his experiences and practices on how to assemble and manage a group of creatives. 
Studio Henry

Moderated/introduced by Jonathan
The multi-language issue.

A conversation with producers from different languages but with the same concern: Giacomo Dossi & Sara Zarreh Hoshyari Khah, Lotte Van Gaalen & Hadewijch Vanhaverbeke.

Studio Henry

Moderated/introduced by Katharina
East, West and in between. Contemporary radio feature-making in Czechia and Lithuania  Why do we prefer journalistic documentaries and sometimes tend to feel uncomfortable telling our own personal stories? What makes investigative reporting especially hard in our countries? And what are special audio experiences to be had in Czech and Lithuanian?  A listening session from two audio friends in conversation about the genre they love.With Brit Jensen & Vaida Pilibaityte
Studio Henry

Moderated by Jade
Creating a different narrative while podcasting
Club Magie brings stories from and by the people, our aim is to connect people and change social narrativesIn this conversation we’ll talk with the podcast lead of the collective (Alvaro) and Eli (one of the founders), their unique approach and future goals. 
Studio Henry

Moderated/introduced by Katharina 
Challenging the classic story structure.

The three act structure has become so prominent that we often rely on it without thinking twice about it. Ideas like exposition, arena and turning points permeate how we think and talk about story. But the three act structure is also a very Western and some say even masculo-sexual framework.Dennis Gaens and Lucas Derycke challenge the traditional fiction and documentary formats by proposing different ways of thinking about story. 
Studio Henry

Moderated/introduced by Arlie
The ethics of working with underserved communities using fiction and non-fiction audio.
Isabel Cadenza Canon works on silences and taboo topics, Nemo Martin’s interests lie in historical fiction from the perspectives of those made forgotten and contemporary stories that explore both hope and anger in transgender people of colour.
Studio Henry

Moderated/introduced by Katharina 
A performance/listening session on [ sound music audio storytelling ]
Inne Eysermans will look into a range of (practice-based) approaches and perspectives on the use of sound and music in audio storytelling, emphasizing a dynamic and fertile exchange between those practices. We will explore listening, space, and place within this context.
Studio Henry 
Moderated/introduced by Arlie
A somatic, sensual, embodied listening experience. 
By Tess Davidson & Kristina Loring.



Moderated by Katharina

Moderated by Jonathan

Moderated by Eva

BREAKOUT 1: Dramaturgy in audio. What does a dramaturg do? Katherina Lindekens has been a dramaturg in music, opera and audio for years, and still has no bite-size answer to that question. Dramaturgs are shapeshifters, redefining their elusive role in every new creative constellation. The more interesting question may be: what can a dramaturg do for you? Moderated by Wederik De Backer, who has a lot of experience working with dramaturgs, and Katharina Smets, who has both been a dramaturg and worked with one (the other Katherina — we know, it’s confusing). Bring your own experience working with dramaturgs or being one.

BREAKOUT 2: The challenges and successes of finding stories and pitching.Scott Gurian is a New York-based public radio veteran who now reports sound-rich stories from around the world for his podcast Far From Home. He’s found that his favorite stories are often hard to pitch to editors, cause they might be really interesting, but don’t have strong news hooks. How to navigate this? This session is intended as a two-way dialogue with participants. You’re encouraged to come with your own examples of pitches that worked, pitches that didn’t, and short clips of tape of the final piece you produced. Plus we’ll discuss creative strategies for finding fascinating stories in the first place!

BREAKOUT 3: New tools, new problemsArtificial Intelligence is accused of stealing our jobs and ruining our work. Or is it making our jobs easier and polishing our recordings? Become a witness or take a seat on the jury stand to make sure that AI gets what it deserves. Thomas Reintjes and Pieter Blomme share their secrets and frustrations.
Studio Henry

Moderated/introduced by Pauline
Reporting the stories that no one wants to hear 
Best practices for developing accessible, engaging narrative audio on challenging topics such as climate change, human nature and the hope for a better planet.With Morgan Childs & Justine Paradis.
Studio Henry 
Moderated/introduced by Wederik
Building solidarity between freelancers. 
A conversation about unionization, lobbying and the need for a network. With Lotte Nijsten, This Wachter, Caroline Prévinaire & Karim Aït-Gacem. 
13:30BUSLandscapes and Distances.

A meditative music-listening session consisting of pieces inspired by landscapes, distances, and travels. By sound and music producer Martin Klusák. 
14:30BUSJonathan Zenti takes the microphone.
18:00Brakke Grond (Amsterdam)DINNER