Call For Participants

The 2019 MIRP, the Meeting of Independent Radio Producers, is being held in Dublin, Ireland, from 8 pm Tuesday 2nd to Wednesday 3rd April.

A reminder of what MIRP is:

A yearly meeting and a supportive network of independents who work within the field of creative storytelling.

An ongoing dialogue about the art and craft of audio storytelling and beyond.

An open international group working peer to peer. Together we decide what issues to address and how we organise ourselves.

An open mind about new forms of radio, podcast, audio performance, audio guides… all kinds of use of creative audio storytelling.

…still taking shape – and if you join, you will be part of this process.


This is the fourth MIRP meeting since we started in 2015 and we’re hosting it in the lustrous and exotic surroundings of Dublin Zoo in Ireland.

In keeping with the location, and in view of the new expectations and roles placed on audio storytellers, the theme for this year’s meeting is:  “EVOLUTION – new ways of storytelling”.

These days, audio producers are expected to be chameleons who can produce multimedia stories for a variety of platforms. This presents new challenges, and over two evenings and one full day we would like to chat about how we are all getting on with this.

So, what would you like to discuss and dissect with international colleagues? You can help us choose the topics by sending answers to the following queries. We’ll use your feedback to draw up a list of themes and talks for our meeting in Dublin.


  1. What is your single biggest storytelling challenge right now?

  2. Do you have a new approach, style or format you’d like to share or discuss?

  3. In terms of the evolution of creative audio storytelling, do you have a burning question or issue you’d like to place under the microscope and explore in depth?


And as you evolve and adapt as a creative storyteller, we’d like MIRP to evolve too.

We’re encouraging new voices to attend this event, so if you know somebody who might bring something new to the storytelling gene pool, please have a chat with them about coming to MIRP.

To sign up for the 2019 meeting send us an email at: before November 14th.

  • Places are limited, so be sure to get your names in fast!

  • We are looking for producers who want to find new ways to tell stories. Talk presentations will be selected based on the above themes. If we receive more applications than capacity allows for, attendance will be based on a lottery.

  • Payment details will be clarified in the next email (the participation cost in 2018 was less than €100, so we will aim to keep it in line with this).

  • The MIRP 2019 programme will be available by February 2019.

You will receive your confirmation for attending on 30th November together with a link for the payment. You will then be given a deadline for payment.

More information about the fee and other practicalities, keep an eye on and MIRP Facebook in the coming weeks.

Spread the word and we look forward to seeing you all in Dublin Zoo!