What is MIRP?

MIRP stands for the Meeting of Independent Radio Producers, although we’ve expanded our definition beyond ‘radio producers’ since we first started in 2015. 

MIRP is not an organisation. It doesn’t belong to anyone but any maker and artist who wants to gather to share experience, vision, fear, anxiety, enthusiasm and love for audio.

MIRP is an open international group working peer to peer, and focused on keeping alive an ongoing dialogue about the art and craft of audio storytelling.

We keep an open mind about new forms of radio, podcast, audio performance, audio guides… all kinds of creative audio storytelling. And we keep an eye open to the new challenges threatening democratic access to the audio field and industry. 

We believe in a global vision, and value cooperation over competition. We want audio makers to be able to work independently from governments and companies, and this is part of what we hope to explore together at MIRP. 

Together we decide what issues to address at the event, and how we organise ourselves. The program will be put together by our board, based on proposals sent in by audio makers when they register interest in attending. 

Our current board members were invited to help organise MIRP 2023 by some of the original MIRP founders –  Katharina Smets and Jonathan Zenti. Together, the board will handle the organisation and administration of the event. But the meeting itself is in the hands of the attendees, to make what you want of it. 

Everyone involved with organising and attending MIRP is a volunteer, and everybody who attends contributes in some way – even if it’s just through their active participation in the conversations, workshops and events which will happen over the three day meeting. 

The fee which participants pay covers expenses for the venue, one dinner and one lunch together and snacks during MIRP. It also includes a small additional contribution which allows us to make 10% of total places available at MIRP for free, so that audio makers who cannot afford the fee can still attend.