Oorzaken Festival takes place from 1 June in the evening to Sunday 4 June in the afternoon. Oorzaken is a Dutch festival with a program in English.
This is how de English program could look like, with a proviso:

  • Thursday 1/06 5 PM: Opening installation Mile in my shoes with artist Clare Patey (UK)
  • Thursday 1/06 8 PM: Interview with international podcast producer
  • Friday 2/06 9.30 AM-5.30 PM: Maker’s Day full of masterclasses, panels, networking. There will be a full track in English
  • Friday 2/06 8 PM: Live audio/theatre/dance show UMVA by Aurélie Nyirabikali Liermann (language no problem)
  • Saturday 3/06 11 AM: Listening brunch (ENG)
  • Saturday and Sunday: different listening sessions, some of them also in ENG

Price for Oorzaken Festival 2023

From 1 June to 4 June you are free to book your own accommodation in Amsterdam. For €150 you will receive a pass for the English Producers Day on 2 June. Other programs will be about €10 each